OZAWA pump facts

  • Versatile Metering:

    The Ozawa Pump provides many unique features for solving your chemical metering requirements.
    The ozawa Pump is capable of pumping four different chemicals simultaneously. Each pump can be installed and calibrated while the other pumps are operating. the pumps are self-priming and can be operate at any attitude.
    The pump can be equipped with a 120 volt A.C. or a 24 volt D.C. motor. The D.C. (optional A.C.) variable speed motor can be computer controlled to provide variable flow.
    The Ozawa Pump is capable of metering most agricultural and industrial chemicals such as fertilizers, soaps, waxes, chlorines, and carpenters glue and fish fertilizer can be pumped.>

  • High Efficiency:

    The unique pump drive system contributes to low energy consumption. The 1/18 HP motor requires less than 100 watts of power with the four pumps operating at maximum output. The D.C. powered pump is ideally suited for installations using solar energy.
    The patented eccentric shaft, roller, and piston design efficiently transmits power to the pump diaphragm. As the freewheeling roller contacts the piston, it momentarily rolls across the face and applies an axial force to the piston.

  • Accurate and Reliable:

    The adjuster infinitely varies the pump displacement by limiting the intake stroke. One revolution represents 20% change in the pump flow.
    The efficient flow-thru, o-ring check valve design minimizes internal flow losses.
    The Ozawa Pump has the accuracy of a positive displacement piston pump and the sealing capability of a diaphragm pump.

    Maintenance Free:

    The sealed bearing and self-lubricating materials used in the pump virtually eliminate the need for lubrication in the housing. With no wear, the pump calibration does not change.
    The pump flow can be stopped by closing the adjuster or by interrupting the intake flow while the pump continues to run. The excellent self priming capability allows the pump to resume flow. Cycling the pump dry has no detrimental effect.

    Proven Performance:

    Each pump can flow 14 to 38 GPH or a few ounces per hour, depending on viscosity. The maximum discharge pressure is 150 psi. Each pump can be independently adjusted to a desired flow.
    The Ozawa Pump has been field tested since 1986 in agricultural chemigation, injecting acids into boiler systems, and metering acids, soaps and waxes in fruit packing operations.


    • Ozawa Flow Paced Systems can be installed on irrigation systems that have changing flows such as vegetable, golf course, and agriculture farming or nursery systems. The Ozawa Flow Pace System uses a water meter to sense water flow and will adjust the speed of the pump motor to provide a constant percentage or EC (ppm) of fertilizer to the irrigation system. Flow rates are adjustable from ounces per hour up to 48 gallons per hour.

    • Ozawa fertilizer pumps can also be used to control pH and EC (ppm) in the irrigation water.

    • Ozawa fertilizer pumps can be used on micro, drip, sprinkler, pivot or flood irrigation systems.

    • Ozawa pumps can be installed on aluminum/steel and PVC pipes on diameter sizes 2”-12” pipe using 110 Volt using saddle clamps. For a proportioned system, one must use a flow sensor (101B) which is adjustable. Line pressure from 0-150 psi.

    • This is an extremely reliable pump and is extremely accurate. One pump can inject up to four different products at one time.


    • Easy to replace check valves in pumper head (wht) easy to remove if need total replacement (8 screws) 2 internal check valves are required. There are five adjustment indicators on heads, each line is 20% out of 100%