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  • HN55

    Ozawa 500 Series Pump

    Fertilizering and the Chemilizer HN55:
    Improved garden and grass is not as simple as just adding more fertilizer. Soil quality affects the ability of your garden and grass that utilize the nutrients provided. If the pH is too high or too low, nutrient deficiencies or toxicities can develop, increasing the susceptibility of the your garden and grass to disease and insect infestation.

  • Testing Soil
    Testing the soil for existing nutrients periodically allows for improved selection and use of fertilizer, as the nutrients in the soil will change over each season. Equally important is the ability to control the volume of fertilizer used. Environmental variables including temperature and precipitation can make any fertilization program a challenge.

    Using the irrigation system to deliver fertilizers, as well as pesticides and acids for pH control is the most effective means of controlling the amounts provided to your garden and grass.

    The HN55: is a proportional liquid chemical injector; it injects a precise amount of chemical in proportion to a volume of water.

    The HN55 does not use electricity:
    It runs off of water flows as low as one gallon per hour, and will work with gravity via a water drop of as little as 5 feet (1.5 meters)!

    Accurate and dependable injection:
    The HN55 utilizes a unique diaphragm driven water motor and a hardened, positive displacement chemical pump ensuring a high level of accuracy. Ratio is one (1) gallon of Liquinox Liquid Fertilizer to 250 gallons of water applied. That's 1 part fertilizer to 250 parts water!

    Durable and rugged performance:
    The HN55 is field-proven to be highly reliable and rugged. The HN55’s diaphragm water motor is unaffected by small particles in the water flow, such as sand, which scar pistons damaging competitive injectors. Also, the HN55 injects chemicals into the water flow downstream of the injector. Chemicals never enter the water motor, precluding it from chemical damage.

    Simple to install:
    Chemilizer injectors are simply installed using standard plumbing parts that are easily obtained from most hardware or plumbing stores. We also have Chemilizer installation kits ensuring you have everything you need to get the job done.

    Chemilizer Products, Inc. provides the most comprehensive warranty in the industry!